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Coach Lizzy

Founder & Head Coach

I started my fitness lifestyle back in 2010 - running miles and restricting food daily because that was all I knew. All I wanted to be was skinny… all thanks to diet culture.

⁣One day the flip switched and I hired a coach to help me learn how to strength train. Once I began lifting, my entire life changed. I actually started to enjoy the process and was not just so outcome oriented. When it became how strong can I get instead of how small can I get, it got FUN. Not only was it then that my body actually started to change…but I fell in love with myself, I gained confidence, rocked outfits I never thought I would, and loved the life I lived… I felt on top of the world because I finally found a healthy and sustainable way to fit fitness into my LIFE !

⁣It changed my life.⁣⁣⁠ And that’s when I decided I wanted to help change others!

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